The Spirit Hotel ***** in Sárvár, the five-star-hotel of Hungary was opened in March 2008. The hotel lies on the shores to the seven lakes of Bad Sárvár as well as to beautiful forests and meadows.

The centre of the traditional spa town is within an only 15-minute-walk from the hotel. Bad Sárvár is one of the few “Royal Spas of Europe”.

As a perfect extra service you can find oriental round beds, or fantasy corners or 17 private whirlpools in rooms and suites.
The hotel has its own mineral hot spring, a treasure of nature from the depth of 1,056 metres. All mineral hot spring pools are filled with this unique and healthy mineral hot spring water. In all mineral hot spring pools the water will be permanently refilled and will be completely changed every night. All mineral hot spring pools are 100% free of additional chemical substances.

Spirit Hotel also offers a modern equipped fitness-room, bowling, squash and two tennis courts. In the surroundings you can enjoy nordic walking, cycling, fishing, horse-riding, etc.





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Sárvár Medicinal Cures

Our medicinal treatments are applied as complex cures, combining the various forms of treatments and the usage of medicinal waters, tailored to personal needs. All medicinal cures are prescribed after a medical examination.
Even our several day-long or even week-long medicinal cures have a beneficial effect, which are great for resting and sampling our treatments. We recommend longer cures for complex musculoskeletal complaints.

Our healing water


The Spirit Hotel has 2 medicinal waters of recognized effectiveness:

I. Spirit Mineral Hot Spring Water

Our medicinal water is perfectly suitable for the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal disorders, the post-treatment of operations, accidents and sport injuries and muscular loosening. It also has a beneficial effect on soft tissue rheumatism.
Applications of the Spirit Mineral Hot Spring Water:
Chronic, degenerative joint
Chronic vertebral diseases
Chronic phases of inflammatory movement diseases
Relaxation of muscle cramps
Discoid disturbances
Rheumatic symptoms
Sprained joints
Muscle strain caused by accident
Sport injury
Postoperative rehabilitation
Postoperative rehabilitation

II. Sárvár Thermalwater

Due to the geological features of Sárvár, drills were carried out here in search of hydrocarbons at the beginning of the 60’s. The real treasure was found in 1964 .
The medicinal crystal, called Sárvár Thermal Crystal, made from it has become duly famous all over the world.
The medicinal trial of the Sárvár medicinal crystal bath:
• Locomotor diseases
Dermatological diseases
• Gynaecological diseases

• Urological diseases
• Rehabilitation of sports injuries
• Respiratory diseases
• Contraindications

Specialist examination

Following a thorough inquiry, the doctor administers a brief medical and musculoskeletal examination through which information can be obtained on the patient’s previous and present condition. Once this process is complete, the doctor establishes a customized healing therapy, prescribes the necessary medical treatment, discusses the time to be spent bathing in the medicinal hot thermal water and provides advice to the patient.


Relaxation-Stress management

Wellness massages