The most famous thermal bath of Europe can be found in Hévíz. This medicinal lake - unique throughout the world - awaits you amongst exquisite green surroundings.
Enjoy the pleasures of wellness in Hévíz, Hotel Európa Fit****superior! In our exclusive four star spa and wellness hotel located, in the heart of a peaceful oasis only 400 m away from the lake, the friendliness and flexibility of our staff and the variety of wellness-, and beauty services give you the feeling of being cared for. 234 rooms (single, double, contact, apart (family), rooms suitable for the disabled, senior suite) each with balcony/terrace and equipped with a bath/shower, hair dryer, safe, telephone, flat screen-television, minibar and free Internet connection. The whole hotel is air-conditioned



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Medicinal water of Heviz and Hotel Europa fit

In Hévíz you can find almost all the elements of natural healing and preserving health, which interlock with one another as tiny particles, thus forming an integrated whole. This integrated whole can shortly be called health. The elements have a healing effect in themselves, but their joint presence increases their efficiency in the course of healing, rehabilitation and health preservation.
If it is Hévíz, the most important healing element is bathing in the thermal lake. The gentle and smothering touch of the water, the feeling of floating, the floating lotus flowers, the odour of the healing water and the green leafy crown of the surrounding trees all have a calming effect on the nervous system, and evoke the psychological feeling of healing.

The bath cure in the thermal water is recommended in the following cases (indications):

• diseases of worn spine and joints
• osteoporisis
• chronic locomotive inflammations eg.: Bechterew, arthritis
• inguinal rheumatism
• disc diseases-rehabilitation (after-treatment of injuries, orthopaedic surgery)
• posture disorders
• gout
• static troubles
• excessively loading aches of the muscles
• lack of moving, one directional load


In case of the following cases the bath cure is not recommended (contraindications):

• malignant tumours
• heart failure
• acute infectious diseases
• serious lung asthma
• pregnancy
• untreated hyperthyroidism
• open wounds

Health and medical wellness treatments in Hotel Europa fit

New! Cryosauna – a brief body freeze for lasting recovery!
NEW! Kinesio Taping
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Remedial gymnastic




Héviz lake



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