The medical field dealing with congenital and acquired disorders and their treatment of the support and movement system. Musculoskeletal diseases include the limb bone, joint and tendon disorder, part of the musculo-skeletal system, and the vertebral column of the spinal column and the surrounding soft tissues.



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Hip and knee prosthesis,

Hip and knee disorders,

Spinal degenerative diseases,


Sports injuries,

Orthopedic shoulder, elbow, hand and foot disorders,

Tunnel syndrome,

Tendon sheath inflammations,

Children's orthopedics,

Treatment of acquired leg deformities

Acute accident of the lower and upper limbs

Minimal invasive hip prosthesis without muscle trimming

Knee replacement

Shoulder replacement

Arthroscopic surgery



From the minimal invasive hip surgery briefly:


The essence of this new surgical procedure is that the prosthesis is implanted without harming the hip muscles around the hip. In contrast to traditional surgery, surgery does not involve cutting muscles or tendons, but prosthesis is implanted through a natural gap between the muscles. The surgery requires great practice and special equipment. The surgery has many advantages over traditional surgery. The "new hip" is much more stable, so restrictions on post-operative surgery (deep-seated, shoe-tie binding, avoidance of the sides, etc.) are not required. 

The extremely small incision, which is approximately half of the traditional surgery (about 8 cm), can be dropped in the bikini line so that the scalp can be hidden later on. Because there is significantly less tissue damage, fewer postoperative pains. During surgery, blood loss is lower and therefore the need for post-operative blood transfusion is extremely rare. Given the fact that muscular exhaustion is maintained, the majority of patients can walk without any help after a few days after the surgery and without any help. A few weeks later to drive or do a light job!



Hotel Therapia *** PÉCS


Opened in summer 2014, Hotel Therapia is located in Pécs, nerby the private hospital , where we can accommodate our patients and their families or friends .

From consultation to recovery, you can easily enjoy a holiday in Hungary and discover for yourself why Budapest has been on UNESCO’S World Heritage List for over 25 years.

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