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Hungary is one of the flagship countries of European medical tourism. It is a well- known fact that Hungary has one of the most demanding medical and dental educations in the world. ...

 Having cosmetic surgery in Budapest the capital of Hungary is the ideal way of combining the most sensible prices and the highest quality service with the excitement of a marvelous trip to a charming capital.





The success story began in the eighties, when Hungary was a popular destination for German and Austrian patients seeking top-quality dentistry and dental prosthetic services of Swiss standards. Since Hungary joined the European Union, medical tourism has become more varied and more international.

Fly to Hungary, undergo treatment, enjoy the sights, the culture and shopping offers in Budapest and still save up to 40-70 % on what you would have to pay in the UK, USA and Scandinavian countries. The most popular treatments and procedures amongst international patients are dentistry, plastic and orthopaedic surgery.



Medical tourism programs: 

 We organise the entire trip including flights, accommodation, transfers and treatments. Furthermore, travellers can combine medical treatments with their holiday, discovering the 1000-year-old history of the country and the unique fusion of eastern and western cultures, while recovering from surgery in one of the many rejuvenating thermal spas.



 Outstanding expertise and quality of treatments


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